memento vinum

We offer singular wines and the stories of those who produce them, and with each sip you may discover an old memory, or create a new one.

Drink Local, From Europe

At first a contradiction in terms, but what does “shop local” mean? It means you purchase the goods you consume from people you’ve gotten to know and trust. We believe this principle can be applied even if the product comes from across the world, not to mention the fact that a local product can still not meet your standards. We’ve done the leg work for you, found the producers who’s wines are of the highest quality, and through this site, you will get to know and trust them as we have.

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Leave preconceptions behind and explore the world of wine through our selections. Every single bottle of wine has been curated by us and tells a story to you through it’s flavours and the history of the vineyards where it’s produced. May we suggest trying a grape varietal you’ve never had before, or a region you didn’t know existed until now, and make your own story.

Meet The Growers

“Growing up on the famed Rust-en-Vrede estate, the Wilson brothers developed their passion for premium South African wines. After years of searching they finally found the perfect vineyard sites in the emerging Elgin Valley and founded Lothian Vineyards. Their results to date indicate that they are living their dream.”

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